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What Makes You Blossom?

What lights you up?

What lit you up as a child/teenager?

When we turn 40 it should be seen as the beginning of our peak, not the start of the end. In my view, it is the wise woman coming to the fore and the place to begin from where you can blossom into who you truly are.

As a woman, if we embody a life of compassion, vision and strength we are living with power where we are fully conscious and centred. We can follow our calling and know our true purpose.

I love the metaphor of a woman lighting up like a beacon that points to her true path, which is our true feminine power.

The issue today is that women have been brainwashed into something else, into thinking that their 20s and 30s is their peak. I see the 20s and 30s as earning your first stripe, earning your 2nd stripe and around 35 earning your 3rd stripe. By the time you hit 40 it should be the beginning of your peak, your time to blossom.

What I have noticed is that women are not blossoming at 40 and are disempowered. I believe that is from negative programming where woman have felt they have to be superwoman in caring for their children, being the best partner, being an extraordinary career woman. As women when we take on all these roles then we are left with minimal time and energy for ourselves and we neglect ourselves so our needs are not met.

We as women must reclaim ourselves and flip our mindset around what 40 means, what 50 means and what 60 means. To blossom and have the next 40, 50, 60 years to be the best years of our life is crucial so when you look back at your 20s and 30s where it was all just fun and games, it was where you were earning your stripes and at 40 you really start to blossom and that is what should be the norm, that should be what is natural to us as women.

When you reclaim your own power, you can overcome the fears that hold you back, be empowered to be on your desired path and you can commit to a life lived on your own magnificent and radiant terms wholeheartedly.

For some reason the media, our society and whatever else has gone on over the years, this has not occurred and I am out to change that and show women they should really be blossoming at 40 and to see that as the start of their peak, not the end of their peak.

My peak has definitely blossomed from 40, I realised that my 20s and 30s were a bit of a dress rehearsal and I had different priorities then, I was still learning how to be an adult. Now my priority is me, my life, my health, my emotional and spiritual growth and my time to blossom. I look forward to many more amazing years to come with my partner, my child, my grandchildren, my family, my friends and being in a career that will be the legacy I wish to leave the world with.

Imagine a bell curve, the time to blossom is just at the beginning of that hump on the top and how long your time of blossoming lasts is really going to be up to your mindset. It could mean that you have that peak that lasts until about 80 and with technology behind us and the decades to come, why wouldn’t you be blossoming into your 90s.

An example of this is June Dally-Watkins who was born in Australia in 1927. She is an Australian businesswoman and fashion-model. June started the first southern hemisphere’s personal development school in Sydney to train young women in etiquette and deportment. She also started Australia's first model agency and modelling school. June is often still commenting in the media and now in she has been teaching in China now since 2013, so June Dally-Watkins continues to blossom into her 90s.

My view is that you want to start to blossom and radiate as soon as you can, so you really need to know what lights you up from the inside, not from the outside.

Often the simple things that we enjoyed as children or teenagers are what lights us up, gives us confidence and lets us have lots of fun.


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