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Leanne Blaney

Behavioural Profilist | Personal Strategist

I am a qualified Advanced Life Coach, Certified Meta DynamicsTM Practitioner and extended DISC consultant who inspires with confidence, compassion and joy. My mission is to ignite lives through adventure whilst adding a bit of sparkle.

I specialise in working with individuals and businesses who want to find the gaps in their business within their communication, relationships, thinking and action. I also help individuals break free of the daily grind, empower themselves, add adventure and variety to their lives and live life to the fullest every day.

The benefits of working with me is that I can enhance your relationships and communication skills, help you with your skills in sales conversations, be clearer on what you want for yourself and your business and address what is keeping you stuck or blocking you from moving forward.

I also assist you in finding the ’why’ of your life, encourage you to have challenges or adventure (whatever that is for you), break old patterns and obstacles that are holding you back and prioritise and find the time for yourself and family as work and personal life are integrated.

My passion includes having variety, adventure and fun in my life. By doing this I became healthier and fitter, found time for myself and family and now I live the life of my dreams helping others do the same.


My Facebook group Adventure School for Women is for women who want more adventure in their life, whatever that is to them. Visit the Adventure School For Women page on this website, or click the button below to join.