Do you need a Work Life Balance Expert to speak at your event?

Leanne Blaney


Leanne is a fully qualified Balance Coach, Author, Mentor and Trainer.  Leanne has contributed to the life success of many, inspiring them to their next level of development and personal victory.  She helps people create their balance blueprint to escape their current thinking to experience the opportunities and possibilities that life can offer.  You will walk away empowered, confident and with an increased sense of self-belief and self-value.


Unique Features


  • Real-life Hands on application

  • Easy-to-use Tips & Tools

  • Highly Engaging

  • Fully Interactive


True Balance for the Busy Woman of Today


Most woman are lacking time for themselves due to competing priorities whether it be work, life, or family which can lead to frustration, stress and burnout.  This key note presentation is designed to show you that Work Life Balance is a misnomer and that true balance comes from within.


Balance is about YOU. 


It is about how you manage yourself so that you can then be calm in a world of uncertainty.  It will give you the tools that keep you grounded, centred and able to handle whatever chaos is thrown at you.


Throughout this session participants will have the opportunity to rate themselves on where they are lacking in the area of Balance and given strategies to bring stability back to their world.


Discover the 10 Secrets to Your Balance Blueprint


  1. Achievement – How is your self talk affecting your world?

  2. Lightness – Do you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?

  3. Learning – Are you reacting to your world or responding to help you grow?

  4. Loving – Do you fill everyone else’s cup before your own?

  5. Active, Action – What movement is a non-negotiable in your world?

  6. Awaken – How present are you in the now?

  7. Nature – When was the last time you connected with nature?

  8. Compassion – Are you compassionate with yourself as well as others?

  9. Evolution – At what pace are you evolving?

  10. Energy – Is there lightness or heaviness surrounding you?


FREE BONUS Resources


  • QUIZ: Emotional Intelligence

  • CHALLENGE - 30 Day Balance Challenge

  • LIST: 101 Inspirational Adventures



  • Each person is given a 1 Hour FREE Balance Audit Session (valued at $497)


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