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As a Certified Bucket List Coach I am trained to change people's perception, wake them up and help them live a Bucket List Life. Bucket List Coaches are equipped with tools for administering face-to-face presentations as well as Online Training platform. 

As a Certified Bucket List Coach I help people live their best life through the services listed below.

All customers are held accountable to the program through a combination of online and offline activities.

Bucket List Life Plan

The Bucket List Life Plan is a 12 week group coaching program where you'll learn, create & action your Bucket Lists together. 

As your Bucket List Coach I will lead you through the Live Experiences, Home Play & incorporate the M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint®


At the end, you'll graduate as a 'Bucket Lister' and start living your life by design rather than default.

The Bucket List Life Plan is available for both general public and corporate groups. The power of the program is we take REAL ACTION within the course. 

Attendees leave having initiated and sometimes fully ticked off new Bucket List items. This is NOT a life planning course, it's a life action plan.

Attendees of The Bucket List Life Plan are given access to our Bucket Lister App where they can continue to develop their Bucket List in detail in their own time. 

Bucket List Board Workshops

A Bucket List Board Workshop is a 3 hour group workshop where you'll learn, design & create your very own Bucket List Board. Unlike a regular Vision Board, you'll incorporate the M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint® & take the Law of Attraction to an entirely new level.


You'll leave with an inspirational, in-your-face reminder of your 'WHY'.

Our Bucket List Board Workshops are perfect for smaller groups, friends, family, work colleagues and more. Not only does this workshop motivate and inspire you, participants are actively making a visual representation of their Bucket List.

TickIt Club

The Tickit Club is a group full of like minded people who have a passion to live their best lives. Whether you are from Vietnam, Austria or anywhere in between, we all have this common goal.

The Tickit Club is an ongoing Bucket List membership program. As a Certified Bucket List Coach®  I facilitate 8 events for the Tickit Club group each year. That’s 2 per quarter.

One is a live, 90 minute, inspirational seminar and the other is a local Bucket List event. Together, they are designed to bring the group together to be inspired and do their Bucket Lists together as a team.

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