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Routines can be good for some stability but if your whole life is full of routines and rituals this can mean boredom, no time to be impulsive or spontaneous. You keep doing the same routines you did for years when you should be changing them up as our circumstances change. Keep life fun, entertaining and creative by ditching the boredom of unhelpful routines. Have variety and fun as a regular part of your life.

For example, I had a routine with my daughter when she was a baby, I had my day planned from the moment she woke until she went to sleep, when to bath, when to eat, when to play. This is great for babies. However, I kept that routine going as she grew, then when she was living with her father I still had the same routines. Same day for washing, same time for exercise, same time for cooking dinner.

No wonder my life was full of boredom, I was sad because life was heavy with the routines and rituals and I struggled with what life was about. I had no fun because every day looked the same.

Mix it up, there is no rule to say we have to have routine for the whole day, week, month, or year. Clean the house on a different day each week, or do it with your partner and make it a game, or hire someone to clean for you so you can go out and live your life.

I want you to rate yourself where you are on a scale of 1 -10 of how spontaneous you are.

1. I am still doing my routine that I did with my infant or 15 years ago

2. I have slightly adjusted my routine but feel lost without a routine

3. I feel lost without a routine but I am starting to think how I can change this

4. I have slightly changed my routine but am anxious when I do this

5. I have a routine and have added a time into the routine to do something for me occasionally

6. I have a routine that I adjust on the run when I need to so I can go out and do activities

7. I have routines that come and go depending on my need to have some fun

8. I mix up my day/week by making challenges to add spontaneity into my life

9. I look up holidays on the internet and book one without asking anyone else

10. I jumped on a plane last night because a stranger asked me to

Now I know it is not practical to live in the 9 and 10 but what if you said, once a year I will do a 9 activity to stretch myself, have excitement and enjoy the adventures.

I appreciate that you might admire others who live their lives like this, I know I did. I was envious of the life some people were living. When I deconstructed it, I realised that they had spontaneity, they were impulsive in a good way, they prioritised having fun in their life.


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