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The Spiritual Boost

Your mood will automatically boost because you have more energy, time and patience if you only concentrate on the things you can control or influence.

A way to boost yourself is to boost yourself spiritually. When you understand, what spirituality is to you then you can recognise how your growth as a person pertains to you. You can appreciate the flow of energy through you. You can deepen your spiritual health.

Often, we will understand how to boost ourselves physically or even psychologically and emotionally but we neglect the spiritual part of us.

Taking care of you and your physical body means you can concentrate on what is really going on for you in your thoughts, images and behaviours rather than focusing on the drain of energy, the unhealthiness of your body that will affect sleep and your spiritual growth.

Meditation can be a fantastic way to start on your spiritual journey. You can train your mind to focus and to redirect your thoughts. By increasing your awareness, you can develop your concentration, reduce stress, enhance your mood, decrease anxiety, reduce depression and stimulate emotional wellbeing.

If meditation is not for you, make time for quiet contemplation. Your spiritual health can be about being in tune with yourself. Take some time during the day to reflect, journal or eat mindfully.

My favourite way to boost my spiritual side is to occasionally meditate and to journal most days. Writing out my thoughts onto paper can clear the way for the day and be in tune with what is going on at the moment.

Forgiveness is an extremely powerful way to boost yourself spiritually. When you hang on to the negative and have resentment for people in your world it means that they have the power over you. You are hurting yourself more than them by not forgiving.

Being spiritual promotes happiness, hope and optimism. It is difficult to feel these if you are harboring damaging and destructive thoughts for someone. When you learn to forgive, you take back your power and boost your life by focusing on you instead of others. You are being kind to yourself.

I have taken on forgiveness for those that have hurt me in the past and it has been a release – physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I now appreciate the learnings I have from these people and am grateful for those learnings. I feel the lightness of not focusing on the heaviness of resentment and being unforgiving but on optimism, happiness and being in control of my life.

Boost your self-esteem. When you are in the low self esteem cycle, have strategies to help break that negative feedback loop that the EGO can keep you on. Step back when you feel yourself having those overwhelming and self-defeating thoughts.

Acknowledge the thoughts then put in place some practical and creative strategies such as:

Look outside of yourself and focus on others to take you away from obsessing about what is happening for you at the moment

Take care of how you look. When you take the time to present yourself it shows that you are looking after yourself.

Reflect on what is good in your life – practice gratitude.

Notice your environment.

Simplify your surroundings and your life by removing the clutter and the busyness.

Have some sort of movement or exercise in your life every day.

Invest in yourself as you can feel better about yourself by knowing that you value yourself.

Stand for something and do not back down or keep quiet if you truly believe something.

Boost yourself physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually to help you flourish and strengthen your well-being.


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