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The Energy of the Feminine

Using both of the energies in a balanced way gives us more energy, makes us happier, nurtured and feel loved.

By women being more in the masculine our men have felt emasculated, they are angrier, more aggressive, less loving.

When women are working more in higher corporate jobs, have their own successful businesses and by doing this they are in the masculine longer, they forget how to turn it off which stunts their creativity.

Women who are exhausted and tired must tap into their core energy – the feminine. This will help their energy tank, by staying in the masculine they will continue to do ‘stuff’ and not have enough energy or love for themselves or for others.

To be in balance with our masculine and feminine you must communicate and connect intimately. When we are in balance of the masculine and feminine energies within a relationship the more intimate connection we have.

To outline some differences in the masculine and feminine energy to reduce frustration in our relationships think about the following points (I will write it as though the masculine is the man and the feminine the woman although this can be around the others way as I said it is not gender specific):

- The masculine energy is really literal and feminine is inferential – so if you as a woman give a man instructions you need to be really clear and specific rather than vague and expect them to be able to follow;

- Masculine energy is about emptying, releasing, relieving, letting go and the feminine is being fulfilled, expanding, being praised and noticed – so let your masculine partner have some freedom and communicate to your partner that being in the feminine means I want to be looked after and feel special so my cup is full;

- Masculine energy makes things small and the feminine makes things big – have you heard a man say I don’t know what the big deal is? It drives us women nuts, this is a man making things smaller. Communicate this and there will be more appreciation of the situation;

- Masculine energy wants to be appreciated and feminine energy wants to be understood – it is important that if we are in the feminine that we appreciate what our masculine energy partner is doing and verbalise this, when we have the masculine we need to verbalise that we understand to the feminine of what they are going through. Not necessarily solve the problem but be there to listen.

The ultimate strength lays in the feminine not the masculine as most people think. It is where we embrace vulnerability and to do this is courageous. To be open this is strength, this is being genuine and taking away the mask that we can use to hide our true selves.

Enjoy being in the feminine, be open, be free, be flowing, be full of energy. Sometimes it is being more nurturing, other times being wilder and liberated. Being in the feminine is beautiful, radiant and magnificent.

It is not airing all our baggage or talking about our dramas constantly. It is being open about who we are as women, what do we believe and how can we stand up for ourselves and each other.

The feminine wants to fill up with love and ecstasy, attention and energy. To be in the feminine is to come from the heart and get out of your head. Give yourself a break from being in the masculine (yes there are times you need to be in the masculine, as I said it is a balance). Allow yourself to enjoy the emotions of the feminine, open the heart for love of yourself and others.

Anchors are a great way to allow yourself to switch between the energies. Visualise this – you have been at work where you have been super busy, getting your list of actions done and dealing with difficult people (masculine energy), when you come home in the masculine from work get a massive hug from your loved one and by relaxing into it you allow the feminine to flow.

Your clothes are also a way to switch between the energies. If you find yourself wearing trousers and block colours a lot, try changing into a feminine outfit. I remember the first pair of heels I wore and the swish of a hot pink sundress as a young teen. I bring back that feeling now to get back into my feminine flow. The hug and the clothes are anchors that allow you to switch.

These are some anchors we can set for ourselves to trigger the switch between energies. Find out what anchor you can use to make the switch appropriately.

Being lovable is not about getting the approval of others; it’s about accepting who you are. We will flourish as a person when we know clearly who we are, how to look after ourselves, stop proving ourselves to others, become more centred by living our values and having compassion and empathy for others.

Stop worrying about what other people think, it is their right to think whatever they want and none of our business. Be sure of who you are, be open, live with your views, be comfortable in your body and let your magnificent self shine through.

When you do this, the quality of your life and your relationships will be healthy and loving.

Know that you are enough.


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