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Say Yes to You

Saying yes to you is the key. Commit to taking action. Act so you create meaning and purpose and balance in your life. Once you start building that muscle to saying yes to you and taking action it will become easier. Life will flow with the balance that you crave. You will stop living in fear.

Start by changing your language and using words of positive action or choice.

I could, instead of I should

I am totally responsible, instead of it is not my fault

Life is an adventure, instead of life is a struggle

I choose not to, instead of I can’t do

I am disenchanted, instead of I am angry

I am recharging, instead of I am exhausted

It is a learning experience, instead of a failure

It is a wonder, instead of fear

I am curious, instead of confused

I am in demand, instead of overwhelmed

I am misunderstood, instead of rejected

I am excited, instead of scared

That is different, instead of that is terrible

The weight or the heaviness of the words, changes how you feel about something.

Think about some of the things you say and change it around to empower you, rather than disempower you. Take action with your language.

The most powerful change in my language, was not saying things like I cannot do that today, instead I choose not to do that today as something has higher priority. We get back our power by changing our words and language.

This is how we get out of the cycle of, I am too busy, it is not that you are too busy it is that you choose to prioritise something above that one thing. Stop saying I am too busy to exercise, too busy to put movement into my day, too busy to love myself today, too busy to take action for my wellbeing. Own the action that you are choosing to prioritise something else.

I want to ban people from have the automatic response to “how have you been?” as “oh I’ve been so busy.” That tells us nothing and it means you have given your power away to the external instead of taking responsibility for what you have been prioritising.

Choose to take action. Positive and committed action to saying yes to you. Be conscious of your language.

Take action with your emotions. Understand why you are having an emotion.

When an event occurs, we have a feeling. It could be fear, shock, anger, grief. After the event your mind then processes the event, through your filters and gives the event a meaning. From this meaning you will experience the emotion. Now if you start blaming others for what happened you may become angry, so you hold on to that anger every time you think of the event. We can change the emotions we get from the events if we change the meaning we gave it.

If you have been through grief or a loss of a loved one, we do not need to change the meaning, but we should allow the emotion of grief to come, be with it then we can move on with life rather than the grief becoming debilitating. If we try to stuff it down or blow it off then we are not acknowledging the emotion and this be when our emotions create turmoil within and we cycle around with negative emotions.

It is important to understand the emotion, reflect if it is appropriate due to the meaning we have given something and then let it flow for an appropriate period of time (depending on the emotion). This is us having control and taking responsibility for our emotions.

We are taking action and control over our emotions rather than the emotions ruling us.

Take action by becoming active in your development, your self awareness, in your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


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