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How do you reward yourself for your achievements?

There are two types of validation or rewards we crave, internal and external. Often when we are looking for validation it is external. We look to our bosses for confirmation of the type of job we are doing, compliments from our friends and family, appreciation from those in the community, the amount of money we earn, a prize, a medal, recognition of service.

However, these are not the rewards for achievement that gives us eternal happiness. These can be seen as icing on the cake, but it is having a sense of achievement from within that will give us true satisfaction. Unfortunately, most of us go for the external rewards and then wonder why we feel stressed, wrongly done by, bored, unhappy and unsatisfied when we don’t get them.

When we are in a job that we do not love and believe in, we are wasting our life. I came to this realisation when I was in a secure government job, paid well, with lots of stability. But I was desperately unhappy, unchallenged, felt unappreciated and therefore I was not valuing myself, felt like I was not achieving anything with purpose and felt directionless.

I took the leap to start my own business and the rewards for my achievements changed. I realise that success is in the journey, the fun is in the ride and I am happy making mistakes, learning new skills all the time, doing what makes my heart sing.

Being happy and living a balanced life is the reward that I have for living the dreams of my past that I never thought achievable.

Make a list of rewards that truly sing to you.


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