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Do you allow fear to stop you from taking action?

Are you actively working on your mindset?

Do you have regular movement or exercise in your daily routine?

In my late 30s at the time of rock bottom, my weight was high, my mindset was negative and self-defeating and my life was crap. I was stuck in the hamster wheel where I would wake up, go to work, come home, watch TV, go to bed and repeat each day. I felt sluggish, had no energy, was unhappy with my body and clothes and embarrassed to have photos taken of me.

I decided to do something about it and the first thing was to get movement into my life, I exercised. Exercise or movement gave me energy to then go to the next part of my life.

By placing myself in a program to address my weight, my lack of energy, and looking at my mindset was key. I realised that I began feeling more energetic, lighter; I sensed every muscle in my body and loved how alive I felt.

I decided to become proactive about what I wanted, which was a life where I was happy, had balance, living with energy and having positive experiences and adventures.

I had employed the tips of a mentor I decided to follow, to get on the right track. When she said jump I did, if she said become a robot to get your exercise done, I did, when she said just friggin’ do it, I just friggin’ did it.

The biggest a-ha moment came from me realising that nobody else gave a toss about me, I had to give a toss about me for anything to change. No special diet or magic pill could fix this, I had to fix this.

The key to changing your state, changing your mindset, changing your life is to take action. The first way I believe is to become active physically – I do not mean go out there and run a marathon if that does not float your boat, I mean get up off the couch and do something with your body so that you are moving in either an energetic or intentional way.

The benefits of movement are:

Relieving stress

More energy

Improving sleep

Gives confidence

Enhances creativity and problem solving

Improves immunity

Elevates your mood

Stronger body

Reduces risk of many illnesses

Improves your complexion.

By doing this you are getting into the vicinity to let the universe help you. By being present in the moment, being aware of what your body is doing.

There are lots of types of exercises or movement activities. Pick one and start with it, if it does not sing to you, pick another one. As long as you move you will feel better physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

I changed my beliefs around my mind and body by taking action on growing and developing as a person. I make movement challenging, carefree, light, positive and fun.

Keep it different; don’t do the same thing over and over. Your body gets used to that and the benefits diminish.

Incorporate walking, jogging, climbing mountains, stretching, yoga, fun activities, playing on a playground, trampolining, standing and stretching at your desk, boot camp, climbing rocks, making sandcastles, swimming, biking, hiking, Pilates. There is so much you can do to mix it up. The key is to move.

Try my 30-day challenge to incorporate movement and variety and see the benefits of energy, loving your body and clearing the mind. Get to know the beautiful woman you are, feel the difference in attitude, in appreciation for yourself and others and your happiness.


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