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Life Balance

Look at the segments of your life and you will find there are 8 general areas: Relationships; Spirit/Soul; Fun & Recreation; Health; Money; Personal Growth; Physical Environment; Business/Career.

Consider if you are living to your values in each of these areas. If you are not then you need to take steps to start taking back your power in each segment by taking responsibility to control your life and gain the momentum to move forward.

“Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

- Albert Einstein.

If we listen to Einstein then we must keep growing in each of these areas and addressing the ones that are currently challenging us or stopping us from living a magic life.

Set goals for each area to reignite your life, feel the emotional states you wish to experience on a consistent basis and have the ability to live with joy and happiness in all parts of your life.

See if there are conflicts in one area with another area that are stopping you from excelling. I found I was definitely not balanced in my areas evenly. I was lacking with my relationships, which affected other segments. Once I started with one segment – health and got momentum going there I was feeling better physically so I then started looking at my relationships and addressed what was going on there and then personal growth became a priority.

I am now very conscious of these areas and ensure that I have balance in each one and continue to work on them by setting goals that align with my values for each segment.

Another exercise that can assist you is called the Tree of Life. It will get you in the zone about how your life has been up to now and how the themes that have played a part in your life have determined how you have moved through life. Once you realise the connections of your past and your interests now and how you are living your life now, you will be able to determine your path forward to meet your needs, live with balance, joy, adventure and clarity.

The clarity will be from what is truly important to us as compared to what we were told should be important to us.

Get a big sheet of paper and lots of coloured pens. Draw your tree similar to the following tree.

Spend 15 minutes or so drawing in your ROOTS – hereditary, genealogical, past lives; write in any significant moments in your TREE TRUNK from when you were 0-7; and then draw in your BRANCHES and various sub branches and/or leaves – hobbies, interests, jobs, studies.

Look for connections that you may not have realised about yourself.

For example: in your roots, various family members were in the medical profession. You loved playing doctors and nurses as a kid, you grew up saying that you wanted to be a doctor. You end up going to nurses’ school instead. You hated it and left the profession. You retrained as a naturopath and now work for someone else in their clinic. It’s not what you really thought it was going to be like so you are unhappy.

I would suggest that you like playing a BIG part in someone’s health and wellbeing. You love alternative medicine but are not making enough money working for someone else.

You could set the goal to create your own clinic, your own philosophy of health and wellbeing, creating programs, products and touring the world speaking about it.

If your eyes lit up at this, then great. It is an exercise to see some of the early themes and influences in your life. It gives us CLUES as to what goals you should be setting. It can also be an indicator as to whether or not you are on the right path based on what you are doing now.

Let yourself break free of what you have been told about yourself from others, how your imprint years (0-7) have defined you up until now, to really see what it is that lights you up.

Do not get to the time when you are sitting in your rocking chair thinking back over your life, feeling all the regrets of not doing what you love to do. It may stir up feelings of discomfort now if you start addressing why you have not been living the life you wanted to have, but better now than later.

Reflect on what legacies you want to leave for your partner, your children, your clients, your peers, your friends. What do you want to accomplish in this lifetime? Where do you want to live out your days? Who do you want around you? What brought you joy and happiness?

Start living this life now instead of realising near the end that you felt you never really lived or made a difference. Stop letting ‘life’ get in the way. Make the most of your ‘moment by moment’ experiences. Determine how you want to feel about life and grab hold of that with both hands.

Getting more ‘stuff’ is not going to make you happy, living a great life based upon moments, experiences, events is where your happiness comes from.

Do not fall into the trap of living someone else’s life. You deserve to live the life of your dreams, to be the Goddess that is inside, to live your passion and to totally love you and what you have achieved.


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