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How to Boost Your Life

Do you know how to boost yourself?

How do you boost yourself up when times are tough?

Women often use unresourceful, unsustainable and external ways to boost themselves when times are not going how they anticipated. Some women are addicted to food, some women are addicted to alcohol, some women are addicted to shopping. They are boosting themselves in these artificial ways and that are not really sustainable. They get a big high then the big low is back again. The key is to boost yourself in a way that will change your state internally, so you are in flow and in control of how you feel.

How to boost yourself quite naturally, and I believe that this is actually unique for everyone, will depend on the woman. What will trigger one woman is often different to what will trigger another woman, so you need to discover what it is that will boost you and understand what that is for you.

You can boost yourself any time you feel like it, rather than being at the mercy of your emotions or at the mercy of your environmental mess that is going on. When times are good we find it simple to have experiences that keep us boosted, energetic and vital. We feel buoyant so we go for a walk on the beach, we feel energetic so we might do our regular exercise or play with the kids, we feel clear-headed so we journal or paint or create.

But when times are not going so well, you might find you had a rough night’s sleep so your energy is lacking and you ignore the kids, you have so much to do in a day that you cannot see clearly or focus on those around you, you got some bad news so you slump on the couch, you were disappointed by someone’s actions so you eat, it’s hard to clearly see ways of changing your state to give you a boost.

When I hit rock bottom I did not know how or what to do to get myself out of my funk. I used alcohol to try and boost myself but all it did was make me sadder or numbed any emotions I may have had. I was not thinking about engaging what to do to boost my energy levels, I was stuck in the same thinking, doing the same thing over and over instead of changing up my patterns or even doing one little thing that changed my state.

Often, we get stuck in the feeling we are currently having instead of focusing on the feeling we want. To get the feeling you want you to have to take some sort of action. Have you ever been sitting on the couch at night thinking ‘do I really want to go to this party; I’m feeling tired and can’t be bothered’. But then you get yourself up and go to that party and have the best time. You will not get the feeling you want until you take action.

I have found that the easiest way to boost energy levels or boost yourself up is to do something quick, easy, no or low cost and engages the 5 senses. It will allow you to clear some headspace and live an enriched life where you are thriving instead of surviving and you are experiencing the feelings you want to experience.

First, find out what is your key sense that you use the most.

Most people have one of the four senses above as their main sense, it is their ‘go to’ way to learn or to experience their environment. Although taste or smell can bring up very strong memories from childhood, or good or not so good experiences also.

I remember going to hospital and the smell of the anesthetic stayed with me for years and when I smelt it I felt fear and anxiousness. I have had the smell and tastes of passionfruit bring back a memory of when my father grew passionfruit at home and how he loved his family by nurturing them with his garden. But my go to sense is kinaesthetic, I love to experience the feel of things, I learn by doing and I enjoy textures.

Once you know your ‘go to’ sense, then you add the others to heighten the experience.

Put together a list of all the activities, experiences, items that will engage your 5 senses. Once you know your favourite sense to stimulate, do that first and then start involving the other senses. I go to the beach, listen to the waves, feel the sand in my feet and wind on my skin, see the gorgeous ocean and think peaceful thoughts. All the main senses are in play.

Here is an overview of what senses you can use to boost yourself up:

SMELL: Breathe in robust aromas every day whether with scented oils or out in nature – the ocean, the bush, a garden

SOUND: Listen to music or podcasts or audio books or the birds outside your window, the wind in the trees

SIGHT: Look at a favourite photo and really take in all the detail, notice what or who is around you from the sky to the ground, see the colours of nature

TASTE: Add an assortment of foods to your food regime

TOUCH: Pay attention to how things feel, the texture, the temperature

AUDITORY DIGITAL: Read a piece of poetry, think uplifting thoughts, write a journal

Have a go-to list handy that will ignite your various senses, to make your decisions easier when you want to experience a different feeling and change your state.

My favourites are buying the brightest and lovely flowers to put in my kitchen, going for a walk around the block in the sunshine, stand on my deck with the sun shining down and my eyes closed for 5 minutes, sing to songs on the radio and dance whenever I can.

Once I realised how much fun this was and how easy it is to boost your energy and get myself out of a funk, I kept adding to my list, so whenever I feel low, or sad or stuck, I look at my list, pick something and commit to doing it.

After it is done it is amazing how uplifted you feel and able you are to carry on with the day, to be there for others once you have looked after yourself and change up the boredom of Groundhog Day.

My life became more composed and centred because I had my go to boosters that ignited all my senses, changed my state and gave me the energy to experience the feelings I wanted to experience.

Choose some of these for inspiration and then start adding your own:

Buy some of your favourite flowers.

Eat a salad that really awakens the tastebuds

Power walk in the fresh air

Listen to the waves at the beach

Play some of your favourite music

Stretch your body in the sunshine

Face up and close your eyes and let the rain gently run down your face

Touch the leaves on a tree or shrub and feel and notice the texture

Rub your favourite moisturiser over your arms and really notice the experience

Have a cold shower

Play Rock Paper Scissors with your partner or child

Blow up a balloon and bounce it around the living room

Juggle some balls

Dance around to your favourite up beat song

Play statues with the kids

Get a massage


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