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Be clear on your boundaries so others are clear on your boundaries. You will accept yourself and be clear on who you are if you know what your boundaries are. This will give you a strong sense of yourself and you will become more centred, which in turn will mean you will attract more centred people to your life instead of people who are lacking self worth and have no boundaries of their own.

If you lack or do not communicate clearly, your boundaries, you can become resentful of people for overstepping or not reading our mind or being walked all over. This will bring up many negative feelings towards other people.

When you have well-defined boundaries, you have compassion for yourself and others, you are valued by others, quality of relationships and conversations increase, you can handle your emotions and the emotions of others, you know who you can trust, and you are open to new experiences.

Some ways to develop clear boundaries can be in the following:

- know your values so you choose to live according to them right now

- be clear on what makes you comfortable when greeting and saying goodbye to people

- decide what is healthy to be talking about with others

- know how your needs can be met within relationships, friends, family

- know what sexual preferences you prefer and ask for this

- give yourself permission to live to your boundaries

I have achieved self-confidence, self worth and self belief to be living happily and enjoying my journey of life full of adventures, fun and balance. I have the courage to be my quirky and individual self because I have achieved a balance within how I live by living my values, having boundaries and communicating these to others.

Start being a giver of significance, celebrating your achievements, living by your standards, and having boundaries. If you do this your self confidence, self worth and self belief will soar through the roof.


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