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Learn about yourself and what sparks you up. Recruit a friend, your spouse, your children. Enjoy it!

Imagine a life with energy, lightness, balance, fun, happiness and love all from starting with moving, taking action and to be an active participant of your life.

Exercising or moving also allows us to free up headspace. It can put you into the present and switch off the rational or logical mind. It allows space and patience to move from stagnation to inspiration, it helps solves problems, it can move you from self-pity to self-respect and self-love.

Physically moving can give you perspective, often we will solve a problem whilst exercising or come up with a new idea. Other times it is meditative in that we stop focusing on everything that is going on in our life and allow ourselves to just be present and enjoy the moment.

The second step to taking action is become self-aware, awaken your mindset. Get yourself in the vicinity of where you want to be psychologically.

We often hear the old saying that good things come to those that wait. How ridiculous is that. Let’s wait and wish and hope and dream and see if that comes along, without us taking action. It won’t.

I used to dream that a white knight would come and save me and get me out of this hellhole of a life. What was I doing about it? Nothing. It was not until I took action that my life turned around and I rescued myself to live a life in the light. I took action, put myself in the vicinity of the universe and became my own white knight.

I prefer the saying “the universe rewards action.” So, as I said before, take action to get yourself into the vicinity of where you want to go and who you want to be and then let the universe help you instead of waiting around wishing.

Many of us get bogged down in planning, organising and analysing our life. The step they are missing is the action.

I am a great planner, time management expert even but it was not until I took action that my life took off. It was not perfect action it was just a step in the right direction. Sometimes it was in the wrong direction but it was action. Nobody said that you cannot pivot and swivel, so I started taking action and taking control of my life.

When you take action, you begin a flow in your direction and you may feel clearer and less confused. Having a plan is great but it is when you start taking action that the magic happens. It starts momentum and obstacles start clearing out of the way.

I read a lot about taking action and some people were saying “take massive action”, others said just take little steps.

I found with myself and talking to others it is how you roll. Taking massive action to me was too overwhelming so I took my first step, then I took another step and this worked for me. Over time I have been able to increase the size of the steps but to start one little step was all it took.

One of my favourite sayings is:

“how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.”

Makes sense so that overwhelm does not overtake your life by seeing too much of the big picture that it seems confusing and complicated on how to make it happen.

Fear can actually hold us back from taking action. Fear is epidemic in our society and it is the leading ruling emotion of our world. It is extensive in its forms. The fear of failing, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of looking foolish, the fear of succeeding, the fear of looking greedy, the fear of being judged, fear of change, fear of manipulation, fear of losing control, fear of living, fear of rejection, fear of poverty, fear of being trapped and it goes on.

There are actually 3 universal fears – the fear of not being enough; the fear of not belonging; the fear of not being loved. Most of our fears stem from these 3 universal fears, no matter what your background is, your stage in life, or your upbringing.

These fears are generally unconscious and can be paralysing. When a person feels fear the EGO will start to make up stories because there is a void there about why we are feeling a certain way. Have you ever asked yourself: Why am I feeling like this? What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get to where I want to go? These are stemming from one of the fears and by asking these questions will fill the void to stop our EGO making up stories.

We also tell ourselves that when courage shows up I will be able to do it. Unfortunately, courage does not show up until you take action.

Driven and successful people also have these fears, it is just that they manage them better, they tell themselves better stories, they take action anyway, or they use the feeling of fear to drive them.

Another way we let our fear get in the way is we say no a lot. No to a new adventure, no to being spontaneous, no to opportunities, no to loving ourselves. This is due to fear. What would happen if we said yes, then worked out how, took a step and felt the freedom of saying yes to action.


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