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Being Present

Technology can get in the way of us being in the moment, being mindful of our present experience. Have you been on a train where everyone’s head is down looking at their phones and not seeing their surroundings, or at a concert where there are hundreds of phones in the air taking photos, recording, doing selfies or out to dinner and the person or people you are with are more interested in what is happening on their phones than being there in the moment with you? I was travelling on the train to the city, there was complete silence, everyone in the carriage but me, was looking at their phones. I was watching outside and I saw the most incredible rainbow, I looked around and not one other person was able to enjoy that moment of the intense colours of the rainbow. I went to the movies and instead of people sitting and experiencing being there for the movie, phones kept coming out and being checked as though you could not have space for 2 hours to enjoy yourself and be in the moment of the movie. This is sad. How can we really enjoy the moment if we are constantly looking at our phones or taking photos? Are we really there in the present? Are we feeling joy? We are capturing the moment for the future and hence never actually being present for it. Technology is bizarrely leading our lives of living in the future instead of the moment. Our society as it is, allows us to live this life of not being present. We are at work but thinking where else we would like to be, we are with someone, but our thoughts take us elsewhere, we are at home and thinking about work. How can we enjoy the moment if we are constantly elsewhere? I know I was a big offender for a long time, I would be talking to someone at a social event but not really hearing what they said so I could not be compassionate or mindful of their experience. I would be at work and constantly wishing I was not there so productivity fell. I was at home with my partner and talking and whining about work. No wonder my life was joyless, sad and full of anger and resentment. The key is to take moments to enjoy the present, become aware of what you are feeling, enjoying the now. Be in the moment. Really be there for your kids, they want your full attention, not to be sitting watching a movie while you are on your phone. To create more awareness in your life and boost your mood, practice gratitude. Gratitude is essential for building happiness and appreciating what you have and what is around you. Gratitude centres you, helps in challenging times, grounds your reality, reduces fear and doubt as you cannot feel fear and doubt when you are feeling gratitude. Gratitude will get you out of your head and into your heart and lead to awareness of what is happening in your present. My ability to be present and change my mood when I wanted, started when I created my gratitude journal. I began with 100 things that I was grateful for. This at first was difficult then all these things came flowing out of me that I was grateful for that were in my life. Now I write every morning 10 things I am grateful for and this puts me in a fantastic frame of mind to go ahead with the day. It does not matter when you write them, it is just important that you do. When I was so critical of everything and everyone in my world, writing what I was grateful for changed it all round. I feel closer to my family, it is easier when the challenges come to keep going, I am enjoying life so much more and I understand what truly is important in life. I am also loving telling people that I am so grateful to have them in my world, I appreciate what they do for me and I am glad to be around them. The benefit for both you and they are massive and it shows you are in the present, boosts the mood of you both and deepens your connection. Being grateful gives you spiritual growth. Practice it, be it and feel the awakening of your compassion and kindness for people.


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