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A word from Ash Parr

When I started coaching with Leanne I was not sure what to expect; with 3 businesses, a family and study it was fair to say I was overwhelmed with everything on my plate. However the reason I started with Leanne was for assistance to regain my previous level of fitness.


From the first session Leanne helped me to create goals and set tasks in a way that did not add to the already long list of things I had to do. As the weeks went by we overcame small hurdles each week and the further we progressed the more I could feel my mindset shift.


Leanne helped me get past the feeling of failing if I had a setback; this has been a major change for me and one I am grateful for. Having participated in programs before with a message that ‘failure is not an option’, it has been exceptionally helpful to have Leanne coaching me and setting me up with strategies that are designed to help me achieve my goals for the long term.


The advice provided was tailored to my needs. I highly recommend Leanne as a coach; her approach, advice and strategies have really made a change to my mindset and to my life.


I approached Leanne Blaney as I was lacking clarity on my goals and how to achieve them. Leanne helped me by taking the time to find out what was important to me and why I wanted to achieve them. This resulted in renewed focus and intent as we collaboratively explored on a deep level how I will make it happen.


I loved the genuine curiosity, trust, support and dedication Leanne brought to each session. I found the experience to be eye-opening, good fun and am delighted to have an even better understanding of myself and the strengths I can call upon going forward. I highly recommend Leanne to anyone who’s seeking clarity in an area of their life and ready to step it up to the next level.

A word from Cao Ting

I have this honour working with Leanne for 6 coaching sessions. She successfully create a very safe space for me to share and explore further of myself in the session.


She guide me to see the big picture and leave some strategy for me to use to enhance my visual ability, which is very useful for me to as I move towards driven power to pursuit my goal in the future.


I will highly recommend her as a life coach for anyone who’s willing to discover themselves in their subconscious mind and wanting to make a transformational shift.​

A word from Lisa Stallard

A big shout out to Leanne Blaney. I have been working with Leanne for the past 6 weeks to get my health and fitness into shape after children.


Leanne gives practical and realistic support to ensure that you stay on track and build things up in small increments – so you are set up to succeed. I’ve already dropped a clothes size!


I had also been thinking of going to see my naturopath for some time, but it had been a very low priority. At Leanne’s urging I made an appointment to do with metabolism and the results have been fantastic. I’m now far more aware of looking after my body properly.


I also appreciate Leanne being there to hold me to my goals and celebrate my successes. I highly recommend Leanne as a health and fitness mentor.

A word from Hayley Lingard

Leanne's warm and genuine nature, combined with her professionally inquisitive approach ensures her ability to identify and explore areas for improvement is both nurturing and productive. Her passion for encouraging fun and adventure ensured that our session was a valuable opportunity to challenge the things that needed to change and assisted me to put purposeful and positive plans in place. Many thanks Leanne!

A word from Alison Duddy (United Kingdom)

I'm just starting out with a new coaching business and, although I have lots of passion, skills and experience in my subject, it's still very daunting to be in a whole new arena with lots of people who all seem to know exactly who they are and what they're doing!


Leanne worked through my profile with me in great detail, bringing in lots of really relevant examples and showed me ways to realise how I come across to others and also to recognise other people's type so that I can modify my coaching style appropriately to get and retain their interest.    It's amazing what can come out of filling in a 10 minute questionnaire - very, very accurate - it totally had me sussed!!

As a result of this I feel far more able to position myself better with my coaching clients and get better results for them with all this information in my toolkit!

I would definitely recommend Leanne, she is very personable and practical too.   This is a valuable analysis to do so I recommend you go do it!

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