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Wheel of Conformity Session

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  • 1 hour
  • 97 Australian dollars

Service Description

In one session we will identify what identity you are in the Wheel of Conformity and then blast you out of this cycle to become the Adventurer you have always craved to be. Are you stuck conforming to everything you think you have to do? I mean really stuck where you can’t see a way out of your current way of living? The cycle is the same. You work, you care for others, you live the same day over and over and you never do anything for yourself. Every now and then you get a little niggle that says: ‘What if there is more to life than this?’ or ‘When will I get time for me?’ or ‘I wish I could just have some fun and stop worrying about everything’. What if you could identify who you are on this never-ending wheel, this wheel where you have to conform to family expectations, life expectations, society expectations and blast out of the cycle. Find out if you are the Conformer; the Seeker, the Dreamer or the Realist and what it means to be one of these identities. When you see who you are you can get off this wheel and become the Adventurer, the trailblazer or just add some sparkle into your life where you will blossom and feel the freedom by lifting the weight off your shoulders. With support from me we can change your trajectory. Find that time for you. Have some fun. Lighten up life.

Contact Details

+ 0412 248 448


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