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Order your Signed Copy Today!

Order your Signed Copy Today!


This book is dedicated to those brave, sparkly-eyed women who dare to break free, break out of mediocrity and endeavor to create their dream life.


I acknowledge and welcome you to live with purpose and adventure!

SKU: 21354654

    290 page book written by Leanne Blaney.


    Hello Sparkly Eyed Goddess


    Whether you are new to a world of living with balance, being grounded and centred, having a beautiful life or want to experience more adventures, I welcome you to read, interact and implement something from this book.


    You will hear my story soon of how I had become stuck, sad, wanting to give up on life and how I was able to move through this to now be living as a radiant woman who has unleashed her magnificence and has many exciting adventures.


    You will be given an Adventure School Lesson at the end of each chapter for you to explore as part of your growth to being a woman with spark who craves for more of what possibilities life can bring.


    I recommend you read through the book once and then go back and do the Adventure Lessons at the end of each chapter as you can.


    With practice, you may begin to experience your world differently, in a way that you can discover who you really are, what you really want out of life and how you can change your existing patterns to design the life that sings to you. 


    Be present with each chapter, take your time to digest what this means for you, inspire yourself with your brilliance and recognise and appreciate what has held you back.


    Make this your guide to disrupt the mediocrity that life is at the moment and unleash your glory, light your spark and rise up to be the goddess that you are.


    Stand up for YOU as Adventure Awaits around every corner.


    When stock arrives your book will be signed by Leanne and posted out via General Post.

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