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What you believe you achieve!

Do you set goals for your business or life?

Do you wonder why you might not be achieving your goals?

Are they the right goals?

Is there something else going on that’s stopping you?

Do you really believe that you can achieve them?

Do you set your goals and then suddenly realise you are going in a different direction or not doing the actions you need to do to get you to your goals?

Are suffering from procrastination or self-sabotage regularly?

Often, it’s what’s happening in our subconscious mind that determines whether we are going to be able to achieve our goals or not.


Our beliefs will affect whether we will achieve our goals.

When your goals are aligned with your beliefs you are in control and it increases the likelihood of success of your goals. When your goals are not in alignment then you will be less likely to achieve them.

What are beliefs?

A belief is an attitude or conviction about the truth of some idea or concept.

They help us make sense of our surroundings since we can’t process all the information coming at us in detail.

They can be helpful but sometimes can be negative or limiting. For example, if you have a belief that you are not smart, successful, techy, or creative is this going to affect you in business?

These beliefs will influence your thoughts and behaviours and whether you do the tasks to achieve a certain goal.

One of my early business goals was start my own podcast. I had to learn how to use Audacity for my Ignite Your Life podcast and I believed that I was not techy. This certainly set me back and made it hard to achieve my goal of learning it.

For a long time, I kept saying to myself that I am not techy, this held me back in a lot of areas where I wanted to achieve in my business.

When I turned this belief around to, I can always find a way with the tech, I have been able to reach my goals quicker whether I learnt to do it myself or got help and support from others.

What are some of the beliefs that you might have that can stop you from reaching your goals?

I’m not good enough

I’m not worthy

I’m not techy

I’m not creative

If I’m successful I might have to do so much more work and never see my family

Money is hard to come by

Clients are hard to find

If we have beliefs that we are not worthy, or enough, this can affect us achieving our goals. It may not look like that though; it could be manifesting as ‘safe’ problems such as procrastination or self-sabotage.

Safe Problems vs Risky Problems

Who has suffered from procrastination or self-sabotage?

These are known as safe problems. Problems that can come from our subconscious, our underlying belief about something. Safe problems keep us busy, distracted, and focused on the external instead of the internal.

Risky problems are constantly with us. When we deal with them, we stop denying ourselves, rejecting ourselves, judging ourselves and shaming ourselves.

Willpower is not always enough to power through to achieve our goals.

We have to see what’s driving our decisions or actions.

Are you brave enough to look there though?

How will we find out what is deep, that risky problem that is hindering us if we don’t go inward.

People can be fearful, scared of getting to what’s really going on. They may have a fear of success, failure or they just aren’t good enough and don’t want to bring that to light to deal with.