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Ultimate Girls Week Away

Imagine a week where you get to hang out with not only a whole group of like minded women but also with renowned, best-selling author, speaker, and all round pretty cool chick Elizabeth Gilbert - how is that for an ULTIMATE RETREAT?

AND if this isn't enough we have the whole Plantation Island Resort all to ourselves.

The Ultimate Girls Week Away

is a retreat beyond your imagination is being held at the gorgeous

Plantation Island, Fiji in February 2020

There will be workshops~relaxation~conversation~pampering~and the indulgence that is Fiji because this is no ordinary event and we want you to join us to connect with your authentic, awesome self!

(even if you don't know who she is yet!)


As women, we often forget to prioritise ourselves in our own lives, when we take time out we sometimes feel guilty, often believing that everyone else should come first. BUT we are here to tell you that has to stop - and you know it!

There are so many daily demands on us from those that are self-imposed to a myriad of others from children, partners, friends, parents and bosses, colleagues.

So the Ultimate Girls Week Away is all about you!

But if you are quietly wondering what Elizabeth Gilbert is going to be doing for us then let us share with you that she will present a very special  TED - like talk and then a very thought provoking four-hour workshop based on her book Big Magic.

This is time just for you

It's a  time to reflect, relax and reconnect to the woman you were born to be.

Time to laugh - that long, deep laugh that you often can only do with other women.

Those moments that you will remember forever and hold close to your heart.

Seven Nights

Three Hundred Women

International Acclaimed Speaker

A Worldwide First

You have a whole lot of time to get ready and excited!

Time to save, organise kids, partners, families, pets, and jobs so that you can delve into this ultimate experience.

Within this indulgent week away, we have created time for you to relax, breathe

and rediscover yourself.

Whilst deciding on which workshops, activities and experiences you'd like to attend (all or some - there's no pressure here!) if you choose, you will also have the opportunity to

make new friends and connections throughout the day and evening festivities.

Fiji and this Ultimate Girls Week Away is the perfect place to be.

Reconnect, Recharge, Renew

Let us take care of you  physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Everything is taken care of once you step off the plane - transfers - food - accommodation - indulge in nurture, workshops and amazing discussions, local culture, excursions and festivities 

Isn't it Time To Choose You and Shine in Your Life..........For You?

The great thing about retreats and the Ultimate Girls Week Away is that it doesn't matter if you come alone or with friends because there is something magical about coming together with inclusive like-minded women.

Choose you with love, just because it feels wonderful to do so!


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