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Our Sanctuary

Remember as children jumping over the rocks, sliding down the sand dunes, swimming in the river, skimming rocks over the pond, jumping in the rain puddles, making mud pies. Why do we stop doing this? I know with my own daughter I was reluctant to let her outside and play because I was bombarded by messages that it was dirty, germy, unsafe and really unhealthy. Now her immune system is weak, and she suffers from many allergies. If I listened to my heart to get out more into nature she may have been much better health wise, her immune system would be stronger and her creativity would have blossomed. I often think back to when I was happiest in my childhood and it was when I was out and about in nature, it was riding my bike to the beach, running barefoot in the grass, climbing around the cliffs, swimming at the beach, going bush walking and so much more. Nature is vibrant, bright and overflowing with colour, it fills my heart with joy. I recommend if you have lost this ability to connect with nature to start creating a sanctuary within your home. Create the sanctuary to stimulate your senses. To create a nature sanctuary where you use your 5 senses gives us productive headspace. It allows us to practice mindfulness where we are aware of our thoughts, feelings, body and environment and be there in the present moment. Clear the space to be fully present and aware of the moment, to centre your relationships and yourself. It will create harmony within your home by having your home as your sanctuary. Work out how you can create a sanctuary around your senses wherever you are to bring mindfulness to your state and to ground yourself. Visual – make sure that items that distract you are put away, have flowers, paintings or photos – it has been said even pictures of nature or looking out a window at nature can be so soothing. Auditory –play music, have silence, listen to the birds, listen to others with purpose, play an instrument – play nature’s music. Kinaesthetic – have textures around in your pillows, blankets, know where you feel comfort – is it in your bed in your PJ’s, warmth from a heater. Have earthy colours to go with the textures to replicate nature. Olfactory – have scented, nature inspired candles, essential oils diffusing, an indoor plant to smell the earthiness. Gustatory – enjoy non-processed food, fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs. This will reduce the heaviness and chaos in your world, put order and balance back into your life and you feel stronger and are part of life instead of a spectator. Once you have created your sanctuary at home it gives you the confidence to go out and enjoy the lifestyle of being part of nature. Challenge yourself every day to do something outside and really notice what nature can offer through the five senses. Some examples for getting out into nature might be: • Plant a tree

• Walk barefooted around the back yard

• Stand and watch the ocean

• Lay on your back in the park and watch the clouds

• Feel the rain pour down your face

• Skip through puddles

• Go for a trail run

• Hike through a bush

• Climb a mountain/hill

• Stand in the forest and listen to the wind in the trees

• Start a herb garden

• Play games outside with your kids

• Plant flowers for bees

• Go bird watching

• Walk your dog

• Look at the stars in the sky at night

• Be a nature photographer

• Go camping or glamping

• Sit in a green space during your lunch hour

• Go for a morning walk along a bushy path or anywhere outdoors

• Visit a local pond, stream or river

• Play hide and seek outside • Try stand up paddle boarding

• Go whale watching

• Cycle around your local area

• Build sandcastles

• Watch a local outdoor sporting event

• Meditate in the forest

• Do yoga watching the sunset Find your centre within nature and feel the benefits both for physical and psychological health. Boost your immune system. Reap the benefits of movement and being surrendered by glorious nature herself. Do it with your family or go on your own. Let’s get out of our heads and into our heart space and immerse ourselves in mother nature.


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