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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 225

Why Vitality Matters

Jo Hassan is a Vitality Expert. Her obsession is helping people have more vitality in their work and lives, so they achieve their goals faster and with more joy. She has been speaking and coaching for 25 years.

She speaks at the intersection of mental health and business. What makes her unique is that she’s lived through some of her own vitality challenges in having businesses. She also has battle scars through mental health misery having experienced clinical depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. She wrote about her recovery in the book “Full Circle- Building Resilience in Business and Life from the Jagged Edges of PTSD” which is an Amazon bestseller.

Jo sees life now through a lens where she’s passionate that people experience healthful balance in their lives every day through her trademarked PEPP® model. PEPP® stands for Purpose, Energy, Pleasure and Profit. She wants fun to be part of the daily formula for success rather than something special to strive towards. When people take planned time away from their work situation they return with renewed enthusiasm, vibrancy and vitality.

For her own pleasure time, Jo kicks a foot bike for fitness, enjoys sailing her yacht “Vitality” and having dinner parties to try out new recipes on friends. She is a lover of all things pink especially flamingos and sparkles; she wears pink every day.

For community, Jo supports a number of causes and is active as an ambassador for R U OK? Day talking about how to reduce suicide.



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