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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 244

From Roots to Wings

Sheila Dancho talks to us about Roots to Wings where roots are your foundation and wings are for flying to where you want to fly.

The dynamic force of nature that is Sheila embodies the ideal entrepreneur of today.

As the founder and CEO of three diversified businesses, each with its own subsequent stream of passive income, she is the epitome of success, but her status as such was surprisingly hard-won until she learned the secrets of navigating high-pressure stress without ending up another burnt-out casualty of the rat race.

Her experiences were a catalyst for positive change, redirecting her life’s journey down a much more empowered path. Now, as an expert neuro-linguistics programming (NLP) master practitioner and certified high-performance health coach, this enterprising thought leader, and sought-after speaker is essentially a “leading-edge lifestylist” eager to share her winning strategy.

So much has changed in the world today, ultimately transforming the way we do business. The time has come to rekindle your spark, to discover exciting opportunities and new ways to generate income. If you’re looking to play a bigger game, Sheila’s the one you want, guiding you to a place of more confidence, clarity, and a positive can-do mindset where you feel revitalized and ready to fulfil your true potential. She is passionate about showing you the importance of building that essential foundation of overall well-being that supports your success as you boldly dare to realize your dreams.



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