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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 241

Helping the Transition between Life & Death

At 27 years old, Adele Anderson survived a plane crash. That near death and life experience changed her path and led her on a deeper journey of discovery that she now shares so she can help others.

Little did Adele expect she would experience a significant loss later in her life. She often says drowning in a capsized plane was easier than becoming a widow.

Grieving her life partner proved catastrophic, a deep wound that still weeps when the Band-Aid is pulled off, raw and tender when touched.

Adele is an NLP Trainer, Homeopath, Death Doula, Akashic Reader and Grief Coach and has the honour of helping those seeking to ease their painful losses and amplify happiness.

Along with being an author, she has been on countless stages sharing messages of hope. Adele knows that life always offers us more than what we see or believe is possible; even when we grieve.



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