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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 240

Making the Most of Each Moment

Amy Capello is a Life Balance Strategist, Certified Life Coach, and owner of Pure Joy Life Coaching based in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

Amy has been professionally coaching powerful individuals since 2019, and informally since she graduated college.

Her background is in Biology, but she found her true passion in coaching others as they grow into leading an authentic and balanced life.

From a young age, Amy was very observant and analytical - skills that she brings wholeheartedly into her coaching practice. She is a mom, stepmom, dog & cat mom, travel addict, and nature lover.

In 2020, Amy was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She was Stage 3 at diagnosis and spent over a year in active treatment (chemo, double mastectomy, radiation). As of today, she's considered NED (no evidence of disease) and is back to living a robust & vibrant life!

Amy was already living life in the moment, but after facing such a difficult health diagnosis, she has committed even more to living every day to its fullest. She enjoys travelling (21 countries and counting), volunteering with the Friends of Oatland Board at Oatland Island Wildlife Center, helping with sea turtles with the Tybee Sea Turtle Project, and various other projects. She believes that we are all here for a unique purpose, and once we step past the fear of owning our power, we can find pure joy as we navigate life's trials.

For making the most of each moment you can book in for a complimentary, no obligation, Balance Audit with me.



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