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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 238

Create Business from your Feminine Essence

Zahra Efan is the creator of the feminine business model. Her passion lies in helping women service providers such as coaches, healers and holistic practitioners market their businesses with ease and make really good money doing it.

Being a no. 1 salesperson at a previous position allowed Zahra to master the art of selling. She learnt most of her sales training from a masculine perspective.

There was something in her itching to teach sales from a feminine perspective and after starting her own business, Zahra birthed the feminine sales process along with feminine business model.

Zahra’s professional accomplishments include speaking on TV about gratitude and co-authoring two Amazon best-selling books, one of them published alongside famous Canadian singer Jann Arden and Bif Naked. She writes an award-winning newsletter monthly and has been published alongside Debbie Ford in a magazine and has written many magazine articles both off and online.

To learn more about her work, visit:



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