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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 236

Impact of Being Social

Being the first to build a Facebook page to gain 10,000 Fans in the Queensland Rugby League is one of the highlights of Kirsty Fields’ social media marketing career.

In the 15 years since she started using social platforms, Kirsty's built, managed, grown, trained and mentored staff and business owners in the use of social media, including building Facebook groups in excess of 10,000 members, and managing Celebrity accounts.

A multi award-winning marketer, Kirsty Fields is the Creative Director at Social Ocean, and has an interest in helping identify and implement creative marketing opportunities for her clients from social media to website and graphic design services across a variety of industries.

She has a passion for all forms of content, a DIY Marketing Philosophy, and over 15 year’s experience in training others to implement marketing, communication and growth strategies making her the perfect marketing consultant and mentor for your business marketing needs.

Listen in to see how Kirsty became an accidental business owner and talks about the challenges of being a business owner who works from home.



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