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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 234

Women's Mysteries

A professional electrical engineer by trade, but a high priestess of women’s empowerment in spirit, Nathalie Jackson has been on a journey of personal transformation for over two decades.

She is passionate about her life’s work as the founder of the Woman Unveiled - School of Women’s Mysteries, guiding her aspiring sisterhood to identify the blocks holding them back, rise above their inner fears, and rediscover the truest version of themselves.

A graduate of the Priestess Path Apprenticeship program and Women in Power Initiation, Nathalie is a holistic practitioner and healer, a certified FireWalk and ShadowWork® facilitator, Founder and facilitator of the Eros Work Sexual Empowerment Program, as well as an expert in countless other life-affirming modalities.

Co-founder of StoneHedge Ecovillage and the Alchemy of Womxn Festival, Nathalie’s greatest joy is leading women to revitalize their way of being, reconnect with their innate magnificence and embrace the joyous, abundant, successful life they deserve.



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