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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 231

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The Ultimate Communicator

If you’re seeking clarity and want to thrive in your communication, and you’re aware your communication challenges are hindering you, Kim Taylor, CEO of Ultimate Communicator, will assess, develop, and refine your skills using a comprehensive wholistic approach. This process includes giving you an in-depth understanding into your unique and personal communication style using her powerful Ultimate Communicator Archetypes™ Profiling Tool.

Kim is the founder of the 9 Steps to Ultimate Communicator Training System. She is an impassioned Communication Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Author with a strong business and hospitality background.

With over 20 years of experience in delivering talks and presentations to organisations, such as, James Cook University, Rotary International, Bunnings, Big W and Toastmasters, she is often asked to provide motivational keynote speeches and is honoured to jump at the chance.

She takes deep and humble pride in being able to open the door for professionals seeking to overcome their limitations and improve their communication, message development and public speaking skills.

Kim's signature one-on-one and group Ultimate Communicator Coaching programs and proven communication training systems guide clients so that they can master the ability to communicate in any speaking situation.

In 2020, she expanded her services to include her exclusive Ultimate Communicator Archetypes™, which add powerful insights to the development of a wider and deeper diversity of communication skills development potential for her clients.

What Kim has found is, when you understand your unique communication style, it enables you to have flexibility around your own speaking style and thrive as a professional.

If you're curious to know your unique Ultimate Communicator Archetypes™ (UCA’s) and how it influences you both personally and professionally, she'd love to offer you her UCA Profiling Tool, which only takes 8 mins to do. Plus, you’ll receive a 20-min (obligation free) tailored conversation with Kim where she will give you insight into where your strengths lie, any challenges and some suggestions on how you can reach your desired goals when it comes to communicating and sharing your message.



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