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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 229

Celebrating Silver

After a successful management career in cutting-edge technology, Christina Martel, the quintessential native New Yorker, was ready for a change. Relocating to Southern California, she joined the entrepreneurial world, establishing the Martel Insurance Alliance, which has thrived now for almost two decades.

Now, this dynamic broker has truly found her niche, devoting this current phase of her career to making Medicare simple. Whether through personal consultations or group presentations, sharing her signature talk, “Taking Clients from Medicare Hell to Medicare Heaven”, Christina patiently educates her grateful clients on their options among the many plans. She cites her empathy, accessibility, and dedication to her clients’ overall understanding as the principal keys to her success.

An avid philanthropist and community supporter, Christina has recently co-founded Celebrating Silver, an alliance of women in their prime who have lived long, learned well, and refuse to give away their power or give in to demeaning ageist stereotypes. “Silver” women deserve to be truly seen, heard without judgment, and to contribute to the workforce if they choose. Aging is a privilege, and Christina believes we should all make the most of it! It’s all about R-O-A-R-R - Reclaiming Older Adult Rights & Respect!

Join Christina and celebrate your silver!



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