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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 228

Giving Yourself Permission to be Authentic on Social Media

With clients worldwide, Keshia Butler-Thomas, affectionately known as Coach Kesh, helps her clients elevate their businesses and brands through the usage of data-driven social media methodology.

As the founder of Thrive Academy, she has taught her clients how to create an audience of loyal customers using social media despite the algorithm to advance their brands.

Voted New Jersey’s Top 40 Under 40 Executives in 2018, Coach Kesh is also the host of "Stop Surviving, Start Thriving!" on RVNTV Network streaming to all Roku, AppleTV, and Amazon Devices. She is also the Thursday Morning Co-Host of “Morning Coffee” on Roku TV.

Keshia found a need in the marketplace to serve entrepreneurs who we’re ready to start, build or scale their companies online. With that realization in mind and a passion for serving, she created a company centered around building out actionable plans for success rooted in authenticity to provide online audiences with an opportunity to experience not just the products or services her clients provide, but to experience why her clients are the best in their industries.



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