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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 221

Importance of Being in Your Body

Traditionally, “respectable” women have lived for generations effectively cut off from essential components of themselves: their bodies, their innate sensuality, and sexual energy, all things society typically deems taboo. This is not serving us well. It separates us from our passion, our creativity, and that nurturing connection to our true selves. Most importantly, this prescribed divide between mind and body detaches us from the source of our formidable feminine power. The exquisitely unique teacher and thought leader Saoirse Seraphim has dedicated her life to revolutionizing all that.

Described as an intuitive, playful, and empowering tantric creatrix, Saoirse uses her extensive training in a myriad of modalities working with humor and without judgement to help women rediscover their inner goddess, embrace their full potential and boldly shine their light. Giving so many of her loyal clients a new lease on life, “a fountain of youth”, as one woman enthused, Saoirse sees her role as creating that sacred, safe space in which others can blossom and ultimately own their freedom of choice, and natural sovereignty. “You are already radically amazing; my work is to help you live that way.”

We often speak of our personal health from a nutritional, emotional, or physical perspective, forgetting that our sexual energy is integral to inner healing and living a balanced life. Combining an array of elements, including energy work, intuitive coaching, trauma release massage, sexology, shamanism with Tibetan Buddhist and Shakta tantra, Saoirse will guide you to expand your mind, your spirit and come back to belonging to your body in worship of the Divine. As one devoted client puts it, “Saoirse is the embodiment of juicy, feminine, creative energy with a splash of kick-ass.”



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