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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 220

Developing Relationships that Count

Hellen Juma is a certified Master Life Coach and Certified Relationships Coach.

She is a two-time best-selling author, podcaster and motivational speaker.

Mention the word 'Relationships' and Hellen jumps to her feet, eager to listen in and hold a hand. She is known for building relationship muscles in her clients.

Hellen has over 20 years of helping individuals and couples better their lives by mentoring and coaching. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Education, French and Business Studies and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (Strategic Management).

Hellen's focus is in making the lives of those she touches better, if not excellent. She believes in starting positive change from within, then from home and then to the rest of the world. Her global perspective of life is “The glass, whether full or empty can be refilled, anytime you choose to.”

Her questions to you today are, “Where is your glass? What is in your glass?”

Check out Hellen's book Popstar: Seize Your Life’s Center Stage on her website –



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