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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 219

Modern Leadership

Adam Piandes is the founder of The Art of Masterful Communication, a Leadership Coach and Mentor, Consultant, and Forbes columnist, as well as an avid surfer, world traveller, and huge fan and supporter of the Girls Athletic Leadership School.

As a former collegiate athlete, outwardly thriving in high pressure athletic environments came easy, while managing his emotions and internal life didn’t. After leaning on unhealthy coping mechanisms through much of his adult life, Adam was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2015, which helped him learn how to slow down and start harnessing his sensitivity in a useful way.

In combination with 25+ years of teaching, coaching, and personal development, a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, training from the Coaches Training Institute, and seeing the impact of effective communication in his own life, he developed The Art Of Masterful Communication and his unique leadership methodology.

Ever since, he has guided students in 70+ countries, across a variety of industries, into the most effective communication skills that have brought consistent measurable results to both their business and personal lives.



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