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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 217

Fitting Writing in With Your Day Job

Kylie Zeal is a Book Coach. She wrote her first book in 2013, and wishes she knew then what she knows now about how to plan, draft, edit and publish a book, not to mention how to manage her time so the writing happens faster. That knowledge would have saved her more than two years of meandering, confusion and self-doubt.

Fortunately, Kylie persevered, driven by the experience of how much books had helped her transform her life and a desire to have the same impact on others, and eventually published her book. It became a valuable asset in her business, coaching industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

Kylie continued to write and publish books and discovered that she wanted to spend more of her time immersed in the world of writing and publishing. So, after more than a decade of executive and leadership coaching, Kylie formally changed her title to Book Coach and underwent training to become an accredited book coach.

Now, Kylie feels like she is living her best life. She gets to spend her days helping clients around the world capture the important and valuable ideas, knowledge and expertise in their heads and write their book. Her signature phrase is, “You can write a page-turner book, even if you have a day job and other responsibilities.”

Kylie also enjoys the freedom of being location-independent and has been travelling full-time since Nov 2018. To learn more about Kylie Zeal and schedule a no-obligation chat to explore your idea for a book, go to



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