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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 216

Spirit Animals

Pip Coleman, is an Author, Intuitive Coach, Reiki Master, Meditation teacher, and Bowen Therapist. She is the creator of the Divine Alignment Code.

The Divine Alignment Code is an amazing one-on-one coaching program specifically downloaded to serve the Earth Angels, when you are feeling exhausted, lost, frustrated or disconnected from your true Self. Pip will introduce you to the code designed for you to RESET, KNOW yourself deeply and ALIGN with your divine being.

Pip’s favourite thing to do is laugh … and they say that laughter is the best medicine …

She likes to give valuable wisdom to you with a sprinkling of lightheartedness. You will not be bored with this Leprechaun teacher!

In Pip’s courses, therapies and books, her focus is on offering simple and practical skills to honour and fully accept yourself. She only works with clients that she knows she can help. So if you’re a fun, open-minded person who is willing to try new things, prepared to take action to learn how to heal yourself, that’s perfect!

Learn more about Pip here:



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