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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 214

From Survive to Thrive

Adena Sampson, M.Sc. is the founder of Outloud Productions and The Unbreakable Spirit Movement, a breakthrough coach, inspirational speaker, singer-songwriter and best-selling author.

Having overcome the insurmountable, Adena leads by example, teaching people how to turn challenges into victories and inspiring them to live a more authentic, courageous, and passionate life.

A gifted speaker, emcee, narrator and presenter, from workshops and seminars, voiceovers and jingles, to commercials and broadcasting, Adena has offered extraordinary service and representation for many professional associations, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.

With that said, her prolific career wasn't free of road bumps along the way. Beyond her official qualifications, Adena is no stranger to overcoming adversity. She has faced many obstacles in her life, including a 12-year battle with chronic Lyme Disease. As an accomplished musician, she learned how to take the struggles in her life and turn them into something meaningful, impactful, and useful. It's this level of perseverance that she encourages and shares with all of her clients so that they can keep moving forward no matter what.

Adena’s specialty is helping people break through their limiting beliefs so that they can step into who they are truly meant to be in the world. She gives people the tools they need to build a stronger sense of rapport, confidence, and trust in themselves and all their relationships. In these ways, she's helped countless people transform their lives!

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