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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 212

Chinese Metaphysics

Having lived and worked in Asia for three decades, and with extensive knowledge of business cultures in both Europe and Asia, Susanne Schutz felt that Chinese Metaphysics was missing something.

In 2014, she founded Suzhong Consulting. The company was born out of her awareness of the need for a more professionally based Chinese Metaphysics consulting service.

Suzhong Consulting bridges the gap between local Chinese Metaphysics Masters who rarely explain their practices and procedures and cosmopolitan clients who need a more modern and adaptive approach, a deeper understanding and rationale for the remedies presented.

Susanne is uniquely positioned in her level of both business experience and Chinese Metaphysics mastery, having studied with Grandmaster Data Joey Yap and holding four Masters Degrees in Chinese Metaphysics.

Suzhong Consulting is the only agency of its kind in Hong Kong to provide detailed audits, reports and services in English and at an exceptionally high standard.



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