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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 210

Critical First Steps to Writing Your Story

Donna Mazzitelli believes that finding our voices is critical to living authentic lives. She helps writers connect to their unique, core voice so they can share a message that is crafted with heart.

Her gentle, clear guidance allows writers to explore those deeper places that can be difficult to navigate.

With compassion and intuition, Donna midwifes authors through the writing and editing process, helping them know when to pause and when to push. What comes forth is a book that is memorable, impactful, and masterfully created.

Donna recognizes that everyone has stories to tell, and how we grow through our life experiences is what others want to read. The more we share our stories, the more our readers will connect with us and be transformed. This is how we heal ourselves and our world!

Donna Mazzitelli, “The Word Heartiste” and founder of Writing With Donna and Merry Dissonance Press, is an award-winning writing coach, editor, and publisher. As of 2021, Merry Dissonance Press has published 21 books and accumulated more than 50 awards. Donna’s personal memoir, Mosaic Heart: Pieces of an Unfinished Life, will be released in early 2022.

Special Resource:

Story Pyramid with Typed-In Instructions
Download PDF • 102KB



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