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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 207

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Fearless Living

In 1999, Helen Revans came to a fork in her life’s journey. Either she could settle for a steady, yet unfulfilling future with a man who wasn’t right for her or break off her engagement and follow her dreams.

With great courage, and following her gut instinct, Helen chose the latter path. She removed her engagement ring at Heathrow Airport and flew alone to Hong Kong to take up the position of Head of Food Preparation and Nutrition at an international school.

Here began the adventure of a lifetime. It was a choice that changed not only Helen’s life, but the lives of many others who she inspired through her teaching, coaching and charity work.

Throughout her life, Helen has relied on her intuitive wisdom. It was following her ‘inner voice’ that led her into the world of coaching.

In 2004, Helen became Hong Kong’s first ‘Fearless Living’ life coach, which enabled her to launch her coaching practice ‘Fearless in Life’. Soon after this, during a trip to Cambodia, Helen experienced another life-changing moment. Returning to her accommodation one evening, she witnessed a small homeless child, all alone, whimpering in a gutter. Distraught by what she’d seen, Helen could not forget this pitiful sight. She was determined to help. On her return to Hong Kong, Helen launched a pioneering community service project called ‘Caring for Cambodia’.

Not content with these extraordinary achievements, Helen enrolled at The School of Applied Functional Medicine in 2019 and subsequently rebranded her company as “Nurture Your Life”. Through this business, Helen continues to transform people’s lives with her remarkably successful, functional medicine approach to ‘gut and hormone’ health.


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Peter Fortune
Peter Fortune
13. Juni 2021

Helen is a great coach, She is helping me with my nutrition and weight loss and how to rebalance my Metabolism without going hungry and provides an excellent bespoke service.

Gefällt mir

really appreciate hearing this podcast, about fearless living. I see where I’ve lived with fear and how I’ve held myself back and feeling stuck. I commit to taking baby steps to where I want to be. thank you Leanne and Helen. Sarah

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

Thanks Sarahlee for your comment. It'sso true that we hold ourselves back due to fear. Love your commitment to move forward through taking baby steps. Leanne

Gefällt mir
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