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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 200

Finding Courage

In 2019, Dr Natacha Nelson published her first book, "Finding Courage to Let YOU Out", a personal growth/memoir bringing awareness to addiction, depression and anxiety.

A former volunteer employee of the Santa Clara Fire Department and the Menlo-Atherton Police Departments, she volunteered as an advisor on health and wellness through chiropractic care for the department employees, as well as local departments including El Segundo and Los Angeles County and Dr. Nelson was also the onsite Chiropractor in 2002 for the California Police-Firefighters Olympic Games held in San Diego.

As an elite athlete in her own right, Dr. Nelson has played professional beach volleyball on the national and international circuits. She provides advisory services to professional, semi-professional athletes as well as today's young athletes.

Natacha is all about Life Medicine, where the focus is on restoring the human element of health, wellness and living with vitality. This has led her to the emerging field of Life Doctoring as a Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Consultant.



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