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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 197

Magic of Retreats

Liesel Albrecht is more often than not known as The Retreat Queen, her vision is to create extraordinary experiences that give women (and sometimes men) from around the globe, permission to be themselves while learning about different cultures, connecting with inspiring female leaders, & providing a supportive community that celebrates everything that it means to be woman.

Growing up in Melbourne and moving to rural Victoria at 21 drew her to run retreats as she saw that women in these areas had less scope to come together to express how they were feeling and to grow from their experiences.

She also found that when this did happen that something very special happened and they connected no matter who they where and where they had come from and from this magical setting learning, sharing and inspiration was created.

As a social worker working with those families that people had given up on and running retreats on holidays and weekends both locally and overseas she became burnt out and after seeing Eat , Pray, Love written by Elizabeth Gilbert and starring Julia Roberts she took her two young sons of on a 3 month pilgrimage through Asia to clear her head of a violent marriage and a near fatal accident of her ex-husband.

Coming home her life changed, she is now walking towards her big visions and lives and breathes them every day – now working with players in the motivational arena and ran her first Ultimate Girls Week Away with her hero Elizabeth Gilbert as her key note presenter.

Her company is now international with a team of 65 and she is disrupting that retreat world with new concepts and systems that will change the way retreats are marketed and Dreams do come true – work hard and dream big and you will see them sitting there on the horizon getting closer and closer.



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