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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 187

Sensitivity as a Superpower

Frida Kabo is on a mission to help HSP, Sensitive, Introvert, Intuitive Coaches and Changemakers to see their sensitivity as a superpower.

She helps them play a bigger game and see how they can use their sensitivity as their superpower.

In 2014, Frida realized that she was living what she thought everyone expected of her and realized that it didn't work anymore so she embarked on her adventure, an adventure that started mostly inwards, then starting a coaching business and later moving from Sweden to New Zealand and this opened up to a world of possibilities to her.

But even with all these changes, she didn’t feel like she was playing big enough or really stepping into her mission. When Frida realised that she was a Highly Sensitive Person she stopped looking for what was wrong with her and started to take care of what she needed to be her best self.

She decided to step into the mission to help those like her who are HSP, Sensitive, Introvert, Intuitive coaches, and change makers, who are here to transform the world. The bridge builders who are here to step into their power and their missions and see their uniqueness as their superpowers.

If you are interested to find out if you are a Highly Sensitive Person here is a link to self test - Dr Elain Aron's self test- Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?



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