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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 186

Discover Your Thrive Factor

A super creator, visionary thinker, liberation loving, inspiration seeking, chai devotee, stand up paddleboard addict!

Shannon Dunn is an international award-winning businesswoman, retreat leader and regularly sought out as a keynote speaker.

She's the proud author of The Thrive Factor; Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone, a book introducing you to the archetypal framework changing the way women interact with themselves and the world.

Think about The Thrive Factor framework as the best kind of psychology meets the wisest parts of you meets accelerating your success in life and business, with the greatest of effortlessness.

Shannon coaches, mentors, teachers and cheers dynamic adventurous women who are true #thriveseekers searching for more to connect with their innate Thrive Factor Archetypes and their unique permission giving activation to be bigger, bolder, brighter and to claim their innate ingenious selves!

Shannon has been championing women in business thriving as a cornerstone of her work for nearly 15 years via one on one coaching, business mastermind programs and oodles of thrive focused training.


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