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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 182

Ben Coyle - Bucket List Coach

Ben Coyle is known as the Gratitude Dude, after a commitment to post 365 gratitude posts he is now heading towards 1000 social media posts and is in the process of writing a book about the effects of daily gratitude. 

He is an active Bucket Lister and Bucket List Coach having just returned from riding motorbikes in Morocco prior to co-vid.

He has had a career as Drug Dog Handler and worked at sea with what is now Border Force, created and operated a cafe, a dance school, and helped create an award winning independent theatre in Melbourne.

An avid traveler he has set foot on every continent and is author of Spilling the Beans and Grounded helping people who have the dream of opening their own cafe.

A combination of climbing Mount Kota Kinabalu and being inspired by watching people finish the Istanbul Marathon led him to run his first ever marathon along the Great Ocean Road which was just short of 46km.

Among other bucket list items he aims to one day skydive, walk the camino trail in Spain and build a school for a community that needs one.  His mantra is to never say the words ‘what if’.



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