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Ignite Your Life podcast Ep 174

Soul Modes

Bec McFarland is passionate about helping you find your own personal flavour of fulfilment.

Having opened her career coaching practice, Pop Your Career, five years ago, Bec knows that you probably didn’t start your business because you’re interested in business - in fact, the business “stuff” often gets in the way of you doing what you love.

This is why she recently launched her second venture, Pop Your Business.

As a self-confessed nerd, Bec gets way too excited about helping her clients to implement systems, processes and strategies to manage business tasks, automate client acquisition (without being skeezy!) and increase profit so they can focus on what really lights them up.

She has a wide range of business interests including design, personal branding, email marketing, launching and more. Bec delights in making the impossible seem possible and supporting her clients to embrace technology, even when it doesn’t come naturally to them.

Bec’s clients enjoy her sense of humour, her wide breadth of knowledge and her ability to make even the most complex tasks manageable. Her community is supportive, engaging and thrives with her cheeky way of pushing people outside of their comfort zones to achieve real, tangible results.

Bec is a DISC Advanced® Accredited Consultant and Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, Adesso Practitioner and Certified Soul Modes™ Mentor.



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