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Ignite Your Life Ep 211

Sound as an Accessible and Effective Healing Tool

Born and raised in Southern Spain, Carmen Sanz was fascinated by Buddhist philosophy and eastern traditions.

Past lives, reincarnation and eastern philosophy made sense to her since a young age.

Carmen started her journey of self-discovery in 2008 during a 10-day Silent Vipassana Retreat. Since then she has studied under many masters around the world in several traditions of meditation, yoga, sound healing, reiki and eastern medicine.

Her sensitivity for music was developed with the help of her father, a music hedonist who has influenced and shaped her understanding for it. Carmen’s love for sacred sounds started when visiting temples and in her travels in the Himalayas.

Carmen now integrates sound as the main tool with the healing modalities she practices. Sound is an effective, effortless and accessible way to heal and allow inner connection. She calls sound therapy an assisted meditation. She is passionate to be the channel of the wisdom she has received sharing her understanding in an authentic, inclusive and accessible way.



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