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How to be Happy, Healthy & in Harmony

Pat Armitstead, Leanne Blaney and Marsha Schults have come together to support Ben Armitstead to raise $5000 for his 1600 km ride from Townsville to Brisbane from 23rd to 31st August 2019. The funds raised all go to The Mater Hospital Cancer Research program. The event is a ride of a team of people committed to raising at least $5000 each.

Our quest in aligning was to seed the idea that we can create our own wellbeing and to use what we know to support others to find their way to their own experience of what it means to be a well being!

We are presenting an afternoon seminar to bring :- • Some joy back into peoples lives • Explore the degree to which we can heal ourselves • Calm in a world of uncertainty

Pat Armitstead did not learn about joy by studying joy. She learnt about joy through her experience of shame, grief and embarrassment. In this high energy presentation she will show how she began teaching about healing with humour and will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions! You are going to explore what it takes to be both a human being and a humour being! She will include some highlights of her tour with Patch Adams and how she has reached over 4 million people with her message of finding joy when it appears there is none.

Marsha Schults is going to share her journey back from MS and the integrated approach that enabled her to transform her health so radically. So many people now find themselves affected by many auto-immune conditions and finding a healing pathway can be confusing and a very slow process. Marsha's story is riveting and a lesson in how to sustain wellbeing for us all. She will share the in depth learning that enabled her to fully understand auto-immune conditions and the regime that supported her return to full health.

Leanne Blaney is going to ask the question …”What if it’s not work/life balance? She says most people are lacking time for themselves due to competing priorities whether it be work, life, or family which can lead to frustration, stress, guilt and burnout. Leanne will show you that Work Life Balance is a misnomer and that true balance comes from within. It is about how you manage yourself so that you can then be calm in a world of uncertainty. It will give you the tools that keep you grounded, centred and able to handle whatever chaos is thrown at you. You will discover 10 ways that you can bring Balance to your life!

Yes this is a triangle of wellbeing designed to support men and women as they emerge from ill health, difficult times, or recover from grief and loss. Collectively we have seen that we can have joy, balance and healing in our lives even when the current situation doesn’t seem to be offering much hope.

There are 100 seats only and we'd love you to help make it a real occasion. Have photos with us, and lets make this a real contribution to your well-being and support The Mater in it's endeavours through the Smiling for Smiddy event.

Tickets are $49 and the entire proceeds goes to Smiling for Smiddy which contributes to The Mater Cancer Research.


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