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Global Passion Bombora 2019

Experience Bali and explore your inner wisdom like never before! Make your travel experience unique and fulfilling by joining the 3rd GLOBAL PASSION BOMBORA RETREAT, a special retreat centred on the power of passion. The event will be held again in the beautiful Gaia Oasis-Pantai Beach Resort in Tejakula, Bali.

The entire resort has been booked exclusively for the retreat to create an environment suitable for a truly enriching experience. Connect with the core of who you are and the essence of those things that matter to you the most.

Gaia Oasis Retreat Resort Bali, Indonesia September 23 – 30, 2019

Located at Tejakula, Bali Indonesia, about 3-hour drive from Despasar airport. You will arrive at the beautiful Gaia Oasis Pantai Beach Resort. This retreat venue, has been specially chosen for its natural beauty, peaceful setting, and nurturing environment.

Nestled among swaying palm trees, and embraced by ocean breezes, it’s a beautiful, restful place to rediscover yourself, explore your passions and play with possibilities. You’ll stay in one of Gaia-Oasis’ eleven stylish, Balinese bungalows, uniquely designed to maximise airflow and natural ventilation; enjoy healthy nutritious meals; swim in the lotus pool; enjoy spa treatments, yoga and movement classes.

It’s a lovely opportunity to immerse yourself in the magical rhythms of the northern Balinese countryside, steeped in myths, exotic rituals and a rich colourful culture.

Bombora is an indigenous Australian term relating to sea waves. Surfers are attracted to the size and shape of the Bombora waves that they are willing to take the risks and ride to the wave, which is considered a “risky pursuit.” Passion Bombara is not your “risky pursuit” but it is designed to create a stronger sense of connectedness and a deeper understanding of one’s full potential, unlocked through the Power of Passion.

Passion is energy; it is the deep inner drive that excites you and makes you pursue the things that ignites your inner self. The more passionate you are about yourself, work, and life or to whatever things you are doing, the more positive energy is released from you. True happiness comes when you do what you are most passionate about. Passion shapes your life; it fuels the fire of inspiration within you and opens up a lot of opportunities. It is also the enthusiasm and enjoyment for life. Passion comes when you are your true self and doing things that comes naturally to you.

Passion Bombora creates a wonderful opportunity to unleash greatness, not just in you. It can be a tool that can make magic to your company, your business and society. When what you do is in alignment with who you really are, you have the enduring energy to keep moving forward. When you are doing what you love, in line with your purpose, you have the motivation to jump out of the bed in the morning and look forward to the day ahead. Your work, your life and your society becomes exciting, rewarding and interesting to you.

Passion enables you to overcome fears, obstacles and negative thoughts. Whether those fears, obstacles and thoughts are real or imagined, passion will drive them away and see a world as a place of infinite potentials and possibilities. When you think positively, the possibilities changes, it enables you to have self-confidence, trust in yourself and to take risks to live your life to the fullest. Living with passion is courage to face life, express your thoughts, convictions, opinions and your love for life.

Passion Bombara will help you create the drive to global transformation of relationships, business and the world. Dare to imagine the vitality and energy of living a life filled with passion, dare to live your dream, dare to imagine unlimited possibilities and dare to pursue what you really love. Chase yourself; know that it is not only a possibility, but a truth to live a life with Passion. Passion is living a life of discovering your true existence here on earth!

Passion Bombora’s purpose is to come together to become a force of good in the world.


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