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Be a Giver of Significance

To be a giver of significance is doing something without expecting a reward or attention. This will give you happiness, balance and strength in knowing who you are. Do volunteer work, speak up with what you stand for and be loyal to yourself.

To be a getter of significance can be unresourceful, it can be playing a martyr, being a victim or creating drama, just so you get attention. It is doing something so that you are acknowledged for it without the genuine reasons behind it. The good intentions are not there.

Give genuine compliments to people, be someone who people want to be around, be playful, loving, fun and validate others so you yourself will feel validated and significant.

Pay a compliment to yourself whenever you can. I use:

I rock

I am awesome

That work is astounding

Great idea

I nailed that

Celebrate yourself and your confidence will, as a genuine loving person, grow. Your self-worth grows.

Do away with tall poppy syndrome. Stop thinking that you cannot be proud of what you do, that you cannot applaud your wins and think that you are remarkable.

We have been taught and we still teach our girls to be humble and modest and we keep them small. We need to teach them to be AWESOME, to love themselves and what they do and keep striving to be the amazing human being they can be.

Instead of being envious of other people and their successes, celebrate them. The Australian way of cutting people down when they succeed and stand out from the crowd is ludicrous. How can we have self-confidence, self-belief and self-worth if our culture is to cut people down?

Becoming more accepting of myself and my achievements and being able to admit mistakes moved my life to one of grace and gratitude, achieving my goals and being comfortable in my own skin.


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